COVID-19: Our deliveries continue!

On March 13, in the face of a pandemic, we made the difficult decision to suspend our deliveries. The point was to organize ourselves in order to adapt to the uncertainties that COVID brought, adapting our model and purchasing the necessary material.

After two weeks of suspension to reorganize the team and buy material, we resumed our deliveries armored against COVID-19. Initially with a wicket, boxes assembled and delivered in bags, without volunteers, with a lot of extra effort from our team and with fewer associated consumers. Now opened to our consumers with the appropriate safety standards.

Such suspension and restart reinforced the place that Fruta Feia occupies from the countryside to the city.

In the countryside, maintaining an economy from which we did not want to deprive our farmers, especially those who do not sell to large supermarkets and who faced greater difficulties in selling their products during confinement, whom we favored. In the city, a fairer and safer access channel to basic food needs, local and seasonal, from which we did not want to deprive our associates. Between the two, we  the 12 workers of the Cooperative, whose jobs we managed to maintain and preserve in the same conditions.

We are finally stabilizing the number of boxes and we thank everyone who kept close and kept supporting the work we do.