Where and when does Fruta Feia operate?

Fruta Feia CRL currently operates 16 times a week, from 17h to 20h30:

In Lisbon: on Mondays at Campo Mártires da Pátria (Galeria Monumental - Campo dos Mártires da Pátria 101, 1150-227 Lisboa), Telheiras (Lagar - Rua Professor Francisco Gentil 33, 1600-622 Lisboa) and Alvalade (Parque de Jogos 1º de Maio - Av. Rio de Janeiro, 1700-330 Lisboa), on Tuesdays in Rato (Mercado do Rato - Rua Alexandre Herculano 64, 1250-096 Lisboa) and Marvila (Sociedade Musical 3 d'Agosto, Rua de Marvila 34, 1950-200 Lisboa), on Wednesdays at Graça (Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa - Campo de Santa Clara, 144, 1100-471 Lisboa) and São Domingos de Benfica (Mercado de São Domingos de Benfica - Rua Cecília Meireles, 1500-154 Lisboa), and on Thursdays at Mercado de Arroios (R. Ângela Pinto 40D, 1900-221 Lisboa).

In Amadora: on Wednesdays in Mercado da Falagueira (Praceta Regueira, 2700-709 Amadora).

In Almada: on Tuesdays in CIAV - Centro de Interpretação de Almada Velha (Largo Conde Ferreira 11A, 2800-133 Almada). 

In Cascais: on Thursdays in Parede Market (Rua 31 de Janeiro, 6, 2775-271 Parede) and in S. Domingos de Rana (SRUZ - Rua do Zambujal, 540, 2785-689 S. Domingos de Rana).

In Matosinhos, on Mondays in the former EB1 school of Cruz de Pau (Rua da Cruz de Pau, 153, 4450-104 Matosinhos).

In Vila Nova de Gaia, on Tuesdays in Ginásio Torne (Rua 14 de Outubro, 264, 4430-046 Gaia). 

In Oporto: on Wednesdays in Cedofeita (Cedofeita's shopping galleries: Rua de Cedofeita, 451, 4050-181 Porto) and on Thursdays on Hotelier (Rua de Anselmo Braancamp 324, 4000-079 Porto).


However, our boxes are only available to consumers that already are associated to the Co-op. 

To sign up as an associated consumer, please register here.


I want to be an associated consumer. How can I sign up?

You can register as an associated consumer on our webpage here.

In order to be a member of the Fruta Feia Co-op do I have to pay a fee?

To become an associated consumer at Fruta Feia Co-Op, you have to pay an annual administrative fee worth 5 €. With this fee you will be given a member’s card and a cloth bag. Every week you’ll pay for your box, worth 4,00 € in case you choose the small box, and 8,00 € in case you choose the big box.


How much does one box cost and what does it have?

The boxes are composed of fruits and vegetables, which vary every week depending on the season and farmer's availability, i.e, the products that they cannot sell due to their appearance (shape, size, colour...).

We have two types of boxes:

Small box – contains 3 to 4 Kg, and 7 varieties = 4€

Large box – contains 6 to 8 Kg, and 8 varieties = 8€

Are the products organic?

Fruta Feia’s main goal is to reduce food wastage due to aesthetical reasons. Every product that is rejected by the regular distribution channels due to an unwanted shape and/or size, is a potential product for Fruta Feia, regardless of being grown in a organic, integrated or conventional production. However, and given the environmentally responsible nature of Fruta Feia, we only work with local farmers.

If I sign up at the Fruta Feia Co-Op, am I obliged to buy the box every week?

By default, consumers associated to Fruta Feia Co-Op are committed to pick up their boxes every week, at the place and time of the delivery. However, on the weeks that they don't want it, they can cancel their box by notifying the Co-op up in advance until the deadline, which depends on the delivery point where you belong:

  • Campo Mártires de Pátria, Telheiras, Alvalade and Matosinhos: until previous Thursday;
  • Rato, Almada, Marvila, Trienal, Amadora, São Domingos de Benfica, Parede, SRUZ, Arroios, Vila Nova de Gaia and Oporto: until previous Sunday


We have to place our orders to farmers with some days in advance and the Co-op cannot take the chance nor pay the cost of buying more products from the farm than the ones that will be sold to our associated consumers.

I cannot pick up my box next week, what should I do?

You must cancel your box until the cancelation deadline, through your consumer area on our website, acessing at www.frutafeia.pt and starting session at your superior right corner. Once in your consumer area, in "O Meu Painel" you'll have to click in "Não quero recolher a cesta desta entrega"


In case the cancelation deadline has gone by, you can place your box to sell clicking in "Colocar a cesta para venda" also through your consumer area at www.frutafeia.pt

Something came up last minute and I cannot pick up my box. What should I do?

Ask someone to pick up your box for you or contact us through the number that was given to you when you joined as a member (on your associated consumer card), so we can try and sell your box to someone else.




I forgot to pick up my box. Do I have to pay for it the week after?

Since Fruta Feia's goal is to fight food wastage, whenever an associated consumer forgets to pick up their box, the Co-op offers it to avoid throwing the products that compose it to the garbage. This situation originates a cost because the products were previously bought to the farmers. According to the regulation and excepting situations related with health or family issues, this cost must be sustanied by the associates that don't pick up the boxes.

We remind that, in case it's totally impossible to warn until the deadline due to an unforseen event, try asking someone to pick it up for you or contact us through the number that was given to you when you joined as a member, so that we can try and sell it to someone else.

When will Fruta Feia replicate to other cities in Portugal?

We would like to be allover the country but, for now, we can only cover Lisbon, Almada, Cascais, Amadora, Oporto, Matosinhos and Vila Nova de Gaia. To help us on the expansion process, sign up as a consumer here. This way we will have a correct number of the areas where there is an interest to open new delivery points.

Is there any possibility of making home delivery?

Fruta Feia Co-Op does not foresee home deliveries, in order to avoid the environmental and economic costs of door-to-door deliveries of thousands of boxes each week.

We run a small business and would like to count on your products. How should we proceed?

Contact us through our e-mail info@frutafeia.pt or through the contact form on this website so that we can check the feasibility of preparing a package that matches you perfectly, according to the product availability.

Please note that we only work with associations, cafes, restaurants, etc., and our products are destined for consumption, not for resale.

Why is Fruta Feia a consumer’s co-operative?

The big distributors’ current preference for aesthetically perfect fruit and vegetables has been largely imposed by consumers that went to the supermarket and chose the most "beautiful fruit", rejecting the others.

From the moment that “ugly” fruits and vegetables stopped being a product to the consumer, they also stopped being a product to supermarkets and distributors. As such, we felt that it was the time for consumers to unite, to say enough, and to get these products back on the market. The consumer’s co-operative model matched Fruta Feia's goal perfectly because, as a non-profit organization, every possible profit is directed to the growth of the project and every member is part of it.

Does Fruta Feia do workshops in schools?

Fruta Feia does awareness-raising workshops on food waste and sustainable consumption in schools!

These workshops are aimed at children from 1st to th 3rd cycle in schools, and the content is adapted according to the year of schooling in order to make them more intuitive and interesting. Ideally, the maximum number per workshop is 30 students, with the possibility of performing a maximum of two workshops a day.

The workshops are free of charge, except for transportation costs if the school is located outside the councils of Porto and Lisbon.

For more information please send us an e-mail to info@frutafeia.pt