318Producers+15Delivery points+8 279Consumers=3 901tSaved waste
4 280 716 m3Saved water=92 haSaved soil=5 592 834 kWhSaved energy=3 472 ton CO2 eqAvoided GHG emission

More than 3900 tonnes of food waste saved

Since its start in November 18th 2013 and currently with more than 8200 associated consumers, Fruta Feia Co-op has saved 3.901.833 Kg of fruits and vegetables from being wasted.

Do you want to consume ugly fruit?

The project

In a society where poverty and hunger are increasing, about 30% of the food produced in Europe is thrown away because, despite being tasty and of good quality, because it doesn’t look as perfect (in terms of colour, shape and size) as the big distribution channels demand and as the consumers want.

Fruta Feia Co-operative aims mainly to channel that part of the wasted fruits and vegetables to consumers who do not judge the quality by its appearance, thus fighting a market inefficiency and creating a movement that can change consumption patterns and that can create a market to the so called “ugly fruit”. A market that generates value and fights not only this waste but also the unnecessary waste of resources used in their production (water, energy and soil).

Fruta Feia started in November 18 2013 with 1 delivery point. Today it counts on 15 delivery points (7 in Lisbon, 1 in Amadora, 2 in Cascais, 1 in Almada, 2 in Oporto, 1 in Vila Nova de Gaia, and 1 in Matosinhos), around 310 producers and 8000 associated consumers and saves around 23 tons of fruits and vegetables from being thrown away every week!