6 years of Fruta Feia!

Na Mon, 18/11/2019 - 00:00

We turn 6 years old. We’re no longer a person's dream and the will of many, we are a reality that arose 6 years ago.

Challenging the whole way of thinking about consumption, shaking the foundations of the agri-food system as it was imposed on us, we took products that were once rejected for silly aesthetic reasons to bring them to consumers. So simple, no storage, straight from farmers, where we go in the morning, to consumers, where we arrive in the afternoon at our current 11 delivery points. As simple as honest: upstream, purchasing at a fair price to the farmer, downstream selling at a fair price to the consumer. We are in the 70km in the middle, today celebrating with:

* our farmers, for whom the word vacation is contrary to watering or harvesting and therefore do not allow so much of our work to be trashed;

* our volunteers who, together with us, challenge the body's limits so that until 5 pm they turn 1.5 tons of products into 300 and such beautiful boxes of ugly fruit;

* the various associations / collectives / parish councils that lend us a space, weekly stages of fruits and vegetables boxes, linking consumers and farmers;

* our consumers who, embarking on this trip with us, are the ones who sustain it, every week they eat 15 tons of what was once considered garbage, they are the active agents of this proximity consumption that improves the lives of those who work in the countryside;

* to our team, currently 12 people, whom an associate agreed the other day to call "tough" because, in the face of all odds, it was never an option for us to let Fruta Feia stop.

Congratulations, it's 6 years, it's 1900 tons of fruit and vegetables saved, it's 218 farmers, it's almost 1 million euros put in your hands, we are more than 5500 consumers, we are proof that another kind of consumption, fairer with Man and nature, is possible!

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