9 years of making it happen!

Na Fri, 02/12/2022 - 11:42

9 years ago we were arriving at Intendente with a fully loaded van, not only with ugly fruits and vegetables, but also with hope for a fairer consumption model. That van is today a fleet of 4 vans that turns that hope into a reality in the Lisbon and Porto regions. We are 8800 consumers, 320 farmers, 16 workers, 500 volunteers saving 22 tons of ugly fruit every week!

On this anniversary, in a context of crisis in production, we celebrate to the fact that we managed to raise the purchase price for farmers, contrary to large economic groups that are profiting millions of euros at the expense of reducing consumers purchase power and crushing producers, who face an exorbitant increase in production costs. And, in the context of the climate crisis, we celebrate to having avoided the waste of 4230 tons of food, the equivalent to 140 soccer fields in terms of land, 1850 Olympic swimming pools in terms of water, 6060 MWh of energy, and to having avoided the emission of 3765 tons of CO2 equivalent of greenhouse gases derived from the decomposition of food that is not consumed.

We are no longer a hope, we have been implementing a socially, economically and environmentally fairer model of consumption for 9 years!

Congratulations to all of us, and let the Fruta Feia decade arrive!

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