Fruta Feia turns 7!

Na Wed, 18/11/2020 - 00:00

We're celebrating our 7th anniversary! 

And this year, in the middle of this pandemonium, with the team divided into mini-teams that do not cross, it is difficult to toast. But we cannot help doing so. Because, in addition to our impact, which continued to increase - 260 farmers, 6500 consumers, 2560 tons of waste saved - this year has brought us other good things:

The pandemic has highlighted the place that Fruta Feia occupies in the agrifood chain, from the countryside to the city. In the countryside, it was clear that the Cooperative represents a solution for farmers regarding food waste, maintaining an economy that proved to be essential during confinement. In the city, it was clear that Fruta Feia represents a safe and fair channel of access to essential goods for our associated consumers, apart from the direct way they are able to support farmers in the region. 

We won two Oscars from the European Commission with our FLAW4LIFE project! The Environment Category, awarded by the EU jury, and the public, attributed by everyone who voted for us. In addition to the recognition of the work carried out in recent years, these awards are proof that the cooperative consumption model that we have created works, both in environmental and social terms.

Far all this, thank you so much to everyone who voted for us and tchin-tchin to all farmers and consumers who justify, every day, the reason for the existence of Fruta Feia! 

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