Last preparations for the contest’s final

Na Thu, 30/05/2013 - 00:00

We’ve been working hard in the past few months. We went to the countryside, talked to managers of other projects in the agricultural sector, lost days working on numbers and costs on excel. Among many achievements, we’ve got Anjos’ Consumer Co-Op ready to be launched – 45 potential associated consumers, farmers from Bombarral and Mafra interested in supplying what’s considered waste, and a beautiful spot at Casa Independente able to weekly distribute our boxes to associated consumers.

We’re now arranging for the last preparations for Gulbenkian’s contest’s final, which will announce the winner of the competition.

Among the strengths of our project are the serious problem which we intend to solve, and the low-cost model we use for it. Food waste is an issue which people are increasingly aware of. The amount of e-mails we’ve been receiving to support us, the feedback of hope that farmers found in our project, and the quickness it took us to gather the necessary number of associated consumers for our pilot project of the Co-op in Anjos reveal the enormous social potential of the project. Through Fruta Feia, Portugal has the possibility of becoming a pioneer in implementing an answer to a problem that is denounced daily all across Europe.

We hope that Gulbenkian’s jury values the potential of this project and lets Fruta Feia win this contest!

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