Less than a week and over 1000€ for our crowdfunding campaign to end!

Na Tue, 17/12/2013 - 00:00

Fruta Feia Co-Op is in a very early stage and needs help to grow

The first delivery point is going beyond our expectations – 3,5 tons of saved waste! – and both associated consumers and farmers increasingly feel part of this project. We need help from everyone who believes in Fruta Feia and in the change of the current consumption patter to make this experience a reality for much more people, not only in other neighbourhoods of Lisbon but also in other regions of Portugal. Together we’ll have a significant impact on food waste, increasing the productivity of national farmers and encouraging proximity a quality consumption patterns.

We’re overwhelmed with the amount of people who have already contributed to Fruta Feia, but if we can’t get the help requested, the contributions already made will have to be returned to their supporters. Then it will be an olympic challenge to expand the Co-Op to other interested farmers and consumers, who already form a waiting list of hundreds of people that increases day to day.

Thank you to everyone who already has and to everyone who will contribute: http://ppl.com.pt/pt/prj/fruta-feia!

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