Our business model

Na Thu, 08/07/2021 - 12:09

Since its conception, Fruta Feia's business model was developed to minimize all unnecessary environmental and economic costs. That's why, among others:

  • we collect the products from farmers in the morning of the same day that we deliver them to consumers in the afternoon, thus saving the cost of storage;
  • we collect products within a radius of less than 70 km, minimizing transport costs;
  • consumers have a deadline to cancel their box, so that we don't buy from farmers more than what we need;
  • the places where we assemble and sell the boxess are spaces provided by local associations one afternoon a week, saving the cost of renting a space/store or a door-to-door delivery;
  • we reuse the wooden boxes and cuvettes over and over, reducing the cost of material.​​

And this is how, while paying a fair price to farmers, we manage to reach consumers with a much lower price than supermarkets. And we do reach.

Fruta Feia is financially self-sustainable, that is, the income derived from the selling the boxes to our consumers is enough to cover the costs of carrying out this beautiful service.

And, in our case, these costs are mostly people (92%!) - 46% for farmers and 46% for workers - with the other costs - transport, material, office and garage rentals, accountant, website, etc.) a minor impact on accounts.

As we are a non-profit cooperative, all the profit (or better said, positive balance) that can be generated is meant to invest in the cooperative's own growth, which cannot be divided by the cooperators. And it is with this positive balance that we continue our fight, investing in the opening of new delivery points and thus increasing the number of people valued by Fruta Feia. A growth that is, therefore, always measured on a human scale.

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