Our crowdfunding campaign is still active

Na Thu, 07/11/2013 - 00:00

Our facebook page has more than 7800K’s. This suggest that there are many beautiful people who identify themselves with our proposition of consumption, who want to get the project going and don’t want to see any more fruits and vegetables ending up in the garbage for mere aesthetic reasons. Behind facebook, in reality, the human and financial resources are scarce and it’s proven to be an olympic task to make the future revenue of the sales of our products cover the initial costs of the cooperative. Fruta Feia aims at changing the great paradigm that the quality is measured by the appearance. It is an ambitious project, and also a collective one. It is a consumer cooperative to all of us. Take a look at our crowdfunding campaign and turn our “likes” into a contribution to get Fruta Feia on tracks.

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