The project

Na Thu, 02/05/2013 - 00:00

The preference of major distributors for fruits and vegetables that are perfect in terms of shape, colour and size is one of the causes of the current food waste issue, which results in a waste of about 30% of what’s produced by farmers.

Fruta Feia aims mainly at channelling that part of the wasted production of fruits and vegetables to consumers who do not judge the quality by its appearance, thus saving this waste as well as the unnecessary use of recourses used in their production.

To this end, we shall constitute a Consumer Cooperative, which will kick-start with its pilot project in Lisbon, and whose delivery points will then be replicated throughout the country. Associated to Fruta Feia’s Co-Op, various awareness-raising campaigns will be developed on the issue of food waste, which in Portugal amounts up to one million tonnes per year.

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