Who buys ugly fruit?

Na Tue, 28/05/2013 - 00:00

To whoever hasn’t heard about it yet: Fruta Feia is one of the finalist projects of Gulbenkian’s contest! And to whoever’s forgotten about it, you can watch the video again here.

We’re now checking how many people would want to join to this project, to estimate the number of potential associated members and type of boxes, so as to optimize the system. What we’d like you to do is to write us (frutafeia@gmail.com) and let us know if you’d like to become an associated consumer and what box you would choose:

Small box - 3 Kg (2-3 people)

Medium box - 5 Kg (4-5 people)

Large box - 7,5 Kg (associations, offices, atliers, etc.)

The price will be cheaper than usual. The fruits and vegetables will come from local producers, may be formally inadequate, and will be from the season.

The main idea is that the consumer cooperative is an open place once a week at the end of the day, where associated members can pick up their boxes and chat with each other a little bit if they feel like it. Associated consumers don’t necessarily have to be individuals, they can be a group of people. We know that the localization is important. Initially we’ll be at Anjos, but the idea is to gradually expand to other neighbourhoods. If this spot is far away from your home but you still want to buy ugly fruit, sign up anyway and let us know the neighbourhood where you live.

The positive answer to this e-mail doesn’t imply any commitment yet, it’s only a manifestation of your interest in joining the Co-Op, which will help us calculating the numbers and optimizing the system. Also, it will be a plus to convince Gulbenkian’s jury.

Let us all eat ugly fruits and vegetables and put a stop to this unreasonable waste!

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