Fruta Feia’s van caught fire - Last update: 20/06/2014

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It didn’t breakdown nor did it have an accident – it caught fire.

Having come from Porto on Sunday, after being decorated with vinyls as a gift by DISMEP, yesterday morning it unexpectedly turns on warning lights, a thick smoke starts and it goes up in flames. Fruta Feia’s team escaped as quickly as possible and it’s safe and sound. However, we lost our indispensible work tool (photos in attachment), which brought the ugly fruit from the countryside to our consumers weekly.

Fruta Feia is a project which has been maintained and growing little by little due to the collective force of everyone who participates in it – 420 associated consumers who weekly buy ugly fruit and other kind of help on several aspects. We now ask the participation of everyone to help us overcome this obstacle and carry on our work. The insurance will provide a replacement transportation van for the next two weeks’ deliveries but, after this period, we need to get another van.

Here’s a shout out to:

  • Everyone who can participate in the purchase of a new van with the smallest help. To that effect, in the next weeks we shall have at the Co-Op a small box where we’ll gather those contributions. Also, you can donate to the following NIB: 0045 9011 4026 0004 3327 5 (Crédito Agrícola). To purchase of the previous van (Second hand Mercedes Vito from  1999 + inspection + change of owner + insurance) we spent  4000€, and that’s the minimum amount we need now;
  • Rent-a-car companies (Europcar, Hertz, Aviz, etc.) or others who can sponsor us, through the lending of a transportation van until we can purchase one;
  • Individual or collective people who can lend the Co-Op a van two days a week (Mondays and Tuesdays) until we can purchase a new can;
  • Every other suggestion that may come to your mind to help us!

Giving up this project is not na option to us, but we do request the help of everyone to find a solution.

Update – May 19:

Avis Portugal will lend Fruta Feia a transportation van for the next 3 weeks of work, until June 17. THANK YOU AVIS PORTUGAL!

We now have one month to raise the amount needed to purchase another van for Fruta Feia. We deeply appreciate the collective spirit that’s endeavoured to overcome this problem, to everyone who’s already participated in the purchase of the new van, and to all those who also will: together we will put Fruta Feia back on tracks!

Update – June 20:

We’re pleased to announce that we already collected 2.076€ to purchase a new van, mainly from our associated consumers, among many other people who support Fruta Feia.

It is also confirmed that Santa Casa da Misericórdia Lisboa will lend the Co-Op a van until July 8 – THANK YOU SANTA CASA! – which gives us around 15 days not only to raise the money but also to carry out the entire process of looking for, purchasing and reviewing a new van!

We want to thank everybody who’s been helping Fruta Feia to reborn from the ashes, turning this problem into a collective solution.

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