Fruta Feia supports Ocean Alive

Na Fri, 29/09/2017 - 16:43

A few months ago we were using in Lisbon around 1300 plastic bags every week to pack strawberries and other small products. Apart from the economic cost, this also had a high environmental impact that does not match our cooperative’s values. Having this in mind, we stopped using plastic bags, starting to pack these products in poplar boxes that are kept in each delivery point.

In a transition phase, and because of the people who forget to bring their own bags, we’re selling plastic bags in our delivery points.

We’re happy to donate the proceeds from the sale of these bags to the association Ocean Alive, to support the “Mariscar sem lixo” ("fishing without trash”) campaign, of Guardiãs do Mar (Keepers of the sea"). This campaign aims at stopping fisher’s bad habit of leaving plastic containers of fine salt in the sea, after using the salt to fish lingon. This campaign aims to eliminate the contamination of the marine prairies ecosystem of the Sado estuary by the plastic introduced by the local fishing and recreational community through the shellfish.

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