Fruta Feia weights more than 1.000.000 Kg

Na Mon, 11/06/2018 - 20:49

We overcame 1000 tons of saved waste and we can’t stop sharing this feeling of victory with you.

There were more than 1070 tonnes of fruits and vegetables that weren’t put to waste, saving all the unnecessary waste of natural resources and devaluing of the farmers’ work that this implies.

Four and a half years ago we got a problem from behind the curtain - that of food waste due to the appearance - and put it in the mouths of the world with the idea of Fruta Feia Co-Op. The idea of ​​counteracting the dictatorship of aesthetics in fruits and vegetables and, at the same time, building a model of cooperativism that is fairer for all - environment, farmers, consumers and workers of the cooperative.

Getting to 1000 tonnes means that we are not just an idea or a will, it means that today we are a relevant response to food waste. We’re not half a dozen people. Counting farmers, consumers, workers and people who help us in assembling the boxes, we are 6400 and we have saved more than 1000 tonnes of waste! We're not fooling around, we're shaking consumption patterns!


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