Na Mon, 03/04/2023 - 08:55

In the past recent years, several of our delivery points have closed to give way to real estate speculation and many other collective spaces have been transformed into hotels or luxury housing. In the last year, stories of members who are forced to give up Fruta Feia and leave Lisbon because they cannot afford a house in the city are more and more frequent. Fruta Feia brings fruits and vegetables from the countryside to consumers who live in the city, but who will live in the city?!

And it's not just that, it's the way how things are done. Fruta Feia ensures its non-profit consumption in the city - the revenue from the baskets is to cover costs, whereas the measures announced for housing, instead of protecting those who inhabit the city - limiting rents and installments, blocking evictions, not encouraging foreign money demand (through visas for digital nomads, non-habitual resident status, golden visas with a different name, tax exemptions for large investment funds, etc), continue to prioritize the profit of banks and large economic groups. In the food sector, it's more of the same: the 6% drop in VAT on some essential goods (where inflation ranges from 20% to 65%) is yet another maneuver to not affect supermarket profits to the detriment of protecting people. As we are the proof that things can be done in a fairer way, we feel it is our duty to repudiate this social model in which profit is made at the expense of people's lives, in two forms that are essential - housing and food. Because we are moving away from this model of maximizing the profit of a few at the expense of the misery of many, and in solidarity with all the communities and associates who are losing their homes and space in the city, tomorrow we are fighting for a HOUSE TO LIVE IN!

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